Warning! Reference number not found – how come this problem. yes how to solve the error. You also have to fix this problem, definitely read this article till the end.

Warning! Reference number not found, what do you mean?

To transfer the balance from uti.mypancenter.com site to the new PSA portal, click on the Transfer Now button. tab you get to see yah error.

This is because you have not submitted the balance request on this site at psaonline.utiitsl.com. Submit without request as you do the balance transfer. So it is mandatory for you to get this error.

Ignore this error by visiting psaonline.utiitsl.com site MIS>To submit payment>Click on Payment request and submit the request with reference number. Complete information about how to submit the Yahoo request, what to fill has been given.

Warning! Not Found Reference Number !! In Uti.mypancenter.com

Follow the step-by-step instructions to fix this problem.

Step 1:- Click on this link https://uti.mypancenter.com/google for Balance Transfer or Buy Balance or Deposit Balance from UTI My PAN Center site and register or login with the linked email ID.

Step 2:- Click on UTIITSL Manager > Balance Transfer button.

Step 3:- Then you will get to see like this in front of you.

Step 4:- As soon as you fill the number of Coupon or Token you want in the Coupon quantity, then your amount gets displayed, then as soon as you click on the Transfer Now button. You get the show error display in the image.

Step 5:- WARNING! Reference number not found!! To ignore or resolve this error, you have to follow the process of balance transfer completely. Because the method or step that you are following right now is half the process as you have to place a request on the UTI PSA site. Before clicking on the Transfer Now button, the balance is added only after that.

Step 6:- Login to the PSA ID in which you want to deposit or add balance. Then click on MIS > Payment for submission > Payment request.

Step 7:- Then you will see two option in payment request first enter amount and second enter reference no much people are confused that “enter reference number” what will I get where to get this number. Buy from where you bought the first coupon, but now proceed with the reference number, the 12 digit reference number is seen in the name. Have to copy and paste it here.

Step 8:- On depositing total amount in e-KYC wallet you will be shown an amount when you will enter number in coupon quantity you need tika token one token will apply one pan like we have entered 1 in coupon quantity. After this I get an error display of the total amount to be debited from the wallet. Which will be deducted from your uti.mypanceter.in wallet or payment. After that the total amount is being deposited in the e-KYC wallet which has been entered, the amount displayed in it will be added to your new PSA Portal ID, copy this amount to the new PSA Portal and send it along with the request to paste. As displayed in the image.

Step 9:- As you enter valid amount and reference number and submit, you will see a message like this. Now you have to click on the icon of the home button. Your payment has not yet been added, now you have to do one more work.

Step 10:- Now you have to come back to the uti.mypanceter.in site. Now you have to click on the Transfer Now button. But you also have to remember that click on the Transfer Now button, process first with the reference number, the same number is coming, which you just submitted on the new PSA portal. Because this number changes. Whenever you reload or refresh this page. Once confirmed, click on the Transfer Now button.

Step 11:- Then Build Your Balance! Transfer Successful! You can see the message of If you don’t do any mistake. If still WARNING! Reference number not found, error is coming, it is possible that you have submitted the request by entering wrong amount or refresh, due to which you are getting the error. You can try again, enter a valid amount and reference number.

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